Going vegan is all about information. The more someone knows about health, the environment and animals, the more they will want to go vegan. But with so much information available, as well as misinformation, it can be difficult to know where to look, and can be very time consuming.

This website addresses these issues by compiling information gathered from hundreds of videos, documentaries and articles to provide a concise summary and clear reasoning that aims to quickly and effectively inform readers of the reasons why more and more people are going vegan.

Designed to be user-friendly and very sharable, this website aims to provide two main services:

1 - To assist vegans trying to explain to family, friends and others the reasons behind their lifestyle. These can often be difficult topics, and sharing written or visual information can help.  

2 - To assist non-vegans in moving towards a more informed, compassionate and healthier lifestyle. 

Why Vegan was created, and is maintained and financed by an Australian vegan couple. We believe in a vegan future built on an informed public, and our goal is to accelerate the spread of information. We choose to remain anonymous for privacy reasons. Emails can be sent to us here. We are also on Instagram @whyvegan.info and welcome all messages and followers.

Why Vegan provides a unique and necessary information service. To reach as many people as possible, this service is free of charge. We do not receive any income or benefits from sponsors or advertisers so that the website content can remain free from corporate influence.

If you have found this service useful and valuable when explaining veganism to others or for your own personal benefit, and you would like to thank us, please consider making a one-off payment below.