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This 27 minute video interview by Plant Based News with Dr Neal Barnard (from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) discusses the vegan diet and the obstacles that prevent accurate health information and medical advice getting to the public.

This 41 minute talk by Dr Neal Barnard discusses nutrition and the benefits of a vegan diet.

This 56 minute talk by Dr Michael Greger explains the role of diet in preventing, arresting and reversing many of the Western world's leading causes of death and disability. is a great website by Dr Michael Greger who advocates evidence-based nutrition and has made thousands of short videos on many different health topics, based on the latest findings published in 'every issue of every English language nutrition journal in the world'. Note: Many of the benefits stated in the Why Vegan 'Health' section are based on information from

The Centre of Nutrition Studies website has more information on a whole food plant based diet.

This is the Position of the American Dietetics Association on Vegetarian (including Vegan) diets.

This is the Dieticians of Canada's page on healthy vegan diets.

This is the British Nutrition Foundation's page on healthy vegan diets.

This is the Australian Dietary Guidelines from the National Health and Medical Research Council.

Note: The Why Vegan website shares general health information only. This is not medical advice and should not be treated as such. Do not use this information as an alternative to medical advice from an informed doctor or other professional healthcare provider.



For more short videos and hundreds of references on animal agriculture and environment, visit the Cowspiracy Facts page.



This animated 2 minute video by PEW, talks about bycatch.

This 3 minute video by Greenpeace shows animals caught in nets as bycatch. WARNING: Whilst not graphic, some viewers may find this content upsetting.

The report Wasted Catch by Oceana explains the huge global problem of bycatch.

The documentary Earthlings exposes standard practices in animal agriculture and other industries that use animals. WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC CONTENT. Viewer discretion advised.

The documentary Lucent exposes standard practices in animal agriculture. WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC CONTENT. Viewer discretion advised.

The documentary Dominion exposes standard practices in animal agriculture. Limited release in 2018. WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT

This 18 minute video The Secret Reason We Eat Meat by Dr Melanie Joy explains Carnism, the ideology that allows us to eat certain animals and not others. WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT.

This 18 minute TED talk by Dr Melanie Joy explains Carnism further.


Wool, Down & Silk

This article by Gentle World explains the down industry further.


Leather, Fur & Skin

This 1 minute video by PETA shows leather in reverse. WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT.

This 2 minute video by PETA is about dog leather. WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC CONTENT. Viewer discretion advised.

This 2 minute video by PETA explains leather alternatives. WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT.

This 3 minute video by PETA is about crocodile skin. WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC CONTENT. Viewer discretion advised.

This 6 minute video by PETA is about ostrich skin. WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT.


Animal Testing

This 8 minute video by the BUAV explains cosmetic animal testing. WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT.


Going Vegan

Plant Based News is a great resource for keeping up to date with the worldwide vegan movement. It is constantly updated with articles, interviews and videos, and maintains a large archive of content. Platforms include the Plant Based News website, YouTube channel and Facebook page.


Vegan Activism

This 10 minute video by Earthling Ed explains some vegan activist options.